Safely Using Fireworks

Fireworks are certainly an exciting prospect, but without proper handling there are risks that can have some devastating effects. So, simply follow our guide on firework safety and it should hopefully reduce any hazards.

Understanding the firework code

The Firework Code

Adults are the only people who should be dealing with setting up firework displays, lighting them up and safely disposing of them. It is important to keep children and young people at a safe distance from fireworks as often they can go wrong, or you may get fall out.

Follow these tips:

  • Plan your display in advance
  • Read instructions on each firework closely
  • Light the firework at an arm’s length
  • Never go back and try to relight a firework if it hasn’t gone up
  • Light fireworks away from buildings, trees and bushes

Safety reminders for childrenUse Sparklers Safely

Children under the age of five should not be given sparklers to play with, and should be far from the fireworks display. They may not understand the dangers of a sparkler and could burn themselves. For children over five, it is important to supervise them when holding one. Find out how to stay safe.

Sparklers may seem as the firework that gets children involved in the evening, but they can reach temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius which can cause serious burns. Once you have finished using them, place in a bucket of cold water to avoid anyone else picking them up once used whilst they’re still hot.

UK Laws

Most fireworks are brought between register sellers between October and December, however if you wish to have access to fireworks all year round, then you can from a licensed shop.Fireworks Shop in Preston

We recommend using the Fireworks Shop to purchase your supplies as they offer an advice service to help their customers understand what fireworks will be suitable for their event and also offer safety information. Browse here.

It is against the law to set fireworks off between 11:00pm and 7:00am, expect on certain occasions. These include, Bonfire Night (cut-off is midnight), New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year (1am). Keep reading.