What Causes the Change of Flavour in E-Liquids?

Many vapours talk about how a bottle of liquid suddenly changes flavour. This situation can happen due to external or internal factors such as different climatic conditions that e-liquid has been subject of during the transportation and storing processes or a miscalculation of components in the mixture at the moment of e-liquid’s manufacture.

All of them are typical factors. However, there is another important and uncontrollable reason, in some cases, which is the well-known “steeping period of the e-liquid”.

What’s involved in the process?

Similarly to wine, the e-liquid suffers a metamorphosis in its constitution after it has been created in the lab. Its ingredients are mixed and turned into a solvent solution to later provoke them. This is an invisible process of defragmentation of substances and a new re-group system when the mixture turns strong and a flavour very pronounced.

This process can take minutes, months or weeks according to the liquid quantity and the elements to be mixed on it. See the process.

Choosing the best retailer

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