What do you know about the Potato?

London’s Favourite Vegetable

London has an incredible fasicnation with the potato. It ties a roast dinner together. We use it for our chips and crisps. We love the potato. But where does the potato come from? We’ve put together a timeline that documents our favourite vegetable. What new facts will you discover?



Potato Timeline

1536 – The potato arrived in Europe

1609 – European sailors take the potato to China

1719 – Potatoes arrive in USA

1801 – First French Fries served in America

1845 – The Irish potato famine

1853 – Potato crisp invented in New York

1952 – ‘Mr Potato Head’ toy invented

1995 – The potato is grown in space

2008 – United Nations International Year of the Potato


The Potato Today

In the past 50 years potatos on sale in the UK have lost 24% of their magnesium, 27% of their iron and 46% of their calcium.

Milk from cows kept in huts are hidden  of vitamins and the cancer-fighting CLA that helped to make this a fitness food.

It is time to stop the rot! The campaign begins with us, whether we shop at farmers’ markets, organic suppliers or at supermarkets.

Our campaign sets out what we can do to win the fight back for food that will stop us damaging our health – in fact, a fight for real food. So dig deeper and get more from your food.

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