Top 5 Data Cabling Tips for your Office

Use top quality Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling is the best option available right now and worth the extra expense if you are expecting your business to expand. If you are dealing with  large volumes of data or transferring over long distances, fibre optic cabling produces the best results with minimal degradation. ACCL in London provide fibre optic installation and repair services and can easily handle your project planning and the installation. Call them on 0333 900 0101 to arrange your free, no-obligation survey today.

Install extra capacity

Planning for more capacity than you need allows room for growth. It is cheaper in the long run to install everything together even if you may not use it all at first. A good option if you know your business will be expanding in the future. Keep up to date with technology – read more.

Separate power and data

It’s best not to run data cables and power cables next to each other. Ideally locate one under the floor and the other overhead. This also helps to keep cables cool. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation space around the cables and specialist cooling equipment if needed.

Test all cables

Don’t forget to test everything! If a cable doesn’t work it can be fixed or replaced there and then. Don’t leave it to the end as you’ll have potentially hundreds of cables to check. Also be sure to label everything. Use colour coding to separate wires and keep a clear plan of where all the wiring is and what its function is. This is invaluable in the case of a breakdown as it will save you time and money. See more financial advice.

Design your office layout to be cable friendly

Bear in mind that cables and wires will be running around your office. This needs to be factored in to the overall design such as where desks are going, if shelving unit will be on the walls, ceiling lights etc. Your installation company can supply you with a plan.

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