Ten Good Reasons for Reviewing Your Export Communications following Brexit

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1) Trade successfully with foreign markets without necessarily learning the language; have a fresh pair of eyes analyse the way you currently communicate with overseas customers.

“I want to sell to the Chinese, I don’t want to learn Chinese!”

2) Find new markets: consider countries once thought too difficult.

“We focused upon the German market and gained an important contract with Siemens as a result.”

“We are hitting more targets plus expanding into new areas.”

3) Handle an increased number of enquiries from target markets competently, efficiently and professionally.

“Makes us appear more professional to potential customers.”

4) Be proactive:

“We have the confidence to go out and look for the business rather than waiting for the business to come in.”

5) Increase your export business:

“it has doubled our turnover to £350,000 since the review.”

“[It is]difficult to put a figure on it but we are definitely busier on the export side.”

6) Gain insight to plan future strategies; focus upon customer needs and target markets and allocate resources effectively.

“The review made us think.”

“It enabled us to stay profitable in our shrinking marketplace and enabled us to export into other marketplaces.”

7) Have the competence to approach the language industries for help; knowledge of prices, procedures and suppliers.

“We developed an ongoing relationship with our translation agency.”

8) Improve relationships with overseas customers and distributors.

“[We are] getting better at supporting the distributors.”

“[We gained] confidence to deal with overseas customers.

9) Identify where language and cultural barriers are causing you to lose business.

“Much more actively aware of what to do when in new markets.”

“Because we are looking at things from the customer’s perspective, we are making a better job of cultural difficulties”.

10) An initial review costs only £150 (+VAT).

“We had nothing to lose.”