Is Rubber the Best Material to Ever Exist?

Immerse Yourself with the World of Rubber


Why are we so fascinated with rubber? Created from natural sources, i.e, natural rubber, it’s a polymer that can stretch, shrink and offers incredible durability. Rubber is a versatile material that we use in so many everyday items.


At the offices at Oink, we’ve become obsessed with all things rubber and have looked into the number of ways that we’ve utilised this fantastic material. You might be surprised by how helpful it could be to you!


You Can Use Rubber for a New Roof!


Back in the 1960s, homeowners in the USA began using rubber as an alternative roofing material. Despite its low profile, a flat rubber roof is becoming increasingly popular in the UK right now.


A rubber roof, or commonly referred to as an EPDM flat roof, is a single sheet of durable rubber that can last in excess of 50 years with little to no maintenance costs! Just another reason why we love rubber.


Your Car wouldn’t move without Rubber!


Unlike other common materials such as plastic, rubber is not only long-lasting, it provides an incredible amount of grip, which is ideal for a car!


For countless generations, rubber has helped provide humans with the means of transport. From cars to bikes, rubber has helped get us moving around.


Your Pet Loves a Rubber Toy!


One of the most frustrating things is buying a toy for your dog or cat that they won’t destroy and rip to shreds within minutes of giving it to them.


Well, thanks to the wonder that is rubber, there’s a staggering range of chew toys and balls that are compromised entirely of rubber, making sure the toy you’ve bought for your pet lasts for a long time.