Protecting your business tech if disaster strikes

Modern-day businesses rely heavily on technology. Imagine running the most humble enterprises nowadays without even a laptop. However, disasters do strike, and when they do, the tech is one of the first things hit. Enterprises will be put out of business, albeit temporarily, because their technology becomes inoperable.

As a business owner, you need to protect your business tech in case a disaster strikes.

Extreme weather events such as the floods that have hit the likes of Humberside, Somerset and the Lake District in England as well as the disasters across the Atlantic, are becoming much more common. Whatever the merits of the climate change arguments, business owners should be preparing to guard against such disasters, particularly if they threaten to hit their tech.

As well as the disruption and cost to your enterprise, such a disaster will lead to a breakdown in communication with clients, orders not being fulfilled, and, ultimately, your business going under. Even if your enterprise does survive, there is every chance you will have lost a huge amount of data, which in itself would be a huge commercial setback.

If a natural disaster is likely to strike, there is very little you can do to stop it, but you can develop a contingency plan to protect your business tech. You can develop your own disaster plan to ensure that any harm done is minimised and your tech systems remain as unaffected as possible. The first thing you should do is carry out a risk assessment.

By doing this, you will at least know the potential disasters that could hit your business and take steps to avoid them. Even though protecting your network and servers will be uppermost in your mind, it is vitally important that you understand what matters most – yourself and your staff. Make sure that all your equipment is checked out to ensure it is safe, and should disaster strike, never put yourselves at risk in order to salvage them.

Data should always be backed up, and if you know a natural disaster is imminent, it is best to ensure that this is done without delay. Also, if you have advance warning of a disaster, moving all equipment to safer ground is a good idea. The same location can always act as an emergency office as you try and put things back together following the emergency.

Fortunately, there are services available such as Black Umbrella that can help businesses prepare for such disasters. Black Umbrella is the brainchild of Catherine Hooper. Hooper began the enterprise after facing personal and business disasters herself. She picked herself up and out of the ashes, and Black Umbrella was born. Aside from Hooper’s own story of inspiration, her company can also help you protect your business tech.

There is no doubt that natural disasters are becoming more frequent and are a clear and present danger to your business. By taking steps to protect your business tech, your enterprise can survive.

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