Our Comprehensive Guide on Spotting Damaged Guttering in London

Having a functional and effective guttering system for your home is vital in preventing water damage to your roof and home.

“Before going into the winter periods, it’s important to check your guttering for these signs that you may need to replace your guttering.”

If you already believe that you need a new guttering system, fascias, soffits and guttering may be what you’re looking for, and it’s available from several repairmen.

1) Rust

Excessive rainfall or changing weather conditions may cause rust to the guttering itself or the brackets. Rust won’t prevent the guttering from doing its job, but it could break in the near future.

2) Mould

There could be a number of reasons why your home may have mould. An ineffective guttering system could be carrying moisture that could prolong the effects of mould in your home.

3) Standing Water

If you’ve noticed that there is standing water along your gutters, there may be multiple and excessive blockages. Your gutters and may need replacing if it cannot be fixed.

4) Overflowing Water

Overflowing water can be an indicator that your current guttering is either installed incorrectly, designed poorly or a combination of the two. Poorly installed gutters need to be replaced to ensure that they’re effective.

5) Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters is when the gutter is bowing or potentially pulling away from its brackets. This could create a major risk to the property and you should seek out repairs immediately.

Fixed gutters

If the gutters in your home are damaged, it is very easy for the water to go into your home, creating humidity and it can ruin your home and its decoration. It is very important to fix your gutters before. Once your gutters have been repaired, you should hire a house painter to fix any damaged walls.

There may be other factors that could indicate you need to replace your guttering such as peeling paint or soil erosion in your garden.

If you’re unsure if your guttering needs replacing, it’s always worth getting in contact with a handyman. They can give you a professional assessment of your guttering for you.