Hidden Health Threats in Unclean Carpets


There are a number of reasons for keeping your carpets clean, but you might not realise just how important they are.

Whether you have carpets in your office or at home, hiring a carpet cleaner probably isn’t a high-priority, however after reading this, you might reconsider!

Here at Oink, we’ve researched the lingering health threats that may be looming in carpets near you. Here are just some of the benefits of having a professional carpet cleaner in your property today.

Air Quality will be Improved

Carpet fibres can trap mold spores and dust. These pollutants can affect the air quality and can potentially cause long-lasting health problems in the future.

When hiring a carpet cleaner, they’ll be able to extensively clean the carpet and its fibres, removing trapped pollutants. You’ll certainly benefit from the improved air quality.

Removes Stains and Bacteria

A professional carpet cleaner will be able to remove stains that have lived on your carpets for a long time.

This in turn, will eliminate bacteria and other allergens that might be lingering.

This type of build-up can be a factor of frequent illnesses as it becomes a safe harbour for bacteria. This is just another hidden health threat in unclean carpets!

Prolongs its Life and Enhances its Appearance

Carpet cleaning services focus on enhancing the appearance of your carpet too. A freshly cleaned carpet will protect the fibres, prolonging its life.

Stains and soiling will be removed and you might just be surprised by how new carpets look once you’ve had them professional cleaned, especially for the first time.