Ecover’s cleaner, greener travel tips

Greener travel tips

Whether you’re planning a camping trip here in Blighty or are jetting off to a tropical beach, having some handy laundry tips up your sleeve means you can pack lighter and look fresher all holiday long. And you’ll have more room for more pressies.

  1. Plan your wardrobe well – lighter, wrinkle resistant clothes generally dry faster and shouldn’t need an iron. Think layers. That way you can get away with just washing the inner layers when they need it.
  2. Bring what you need – pour some of your Ecover Delicate laundry detergent into a travel bottle. It’s gentle on you when handwashing and a little goes a long way. And a length of cord can make a great washing line.
  3. Think ahead – plan your laundry drying times so that you don’t end up having to wear or pack damp clothes.
  4. The creative washing line – bed frames, towel rails, shower rails, balcony chairs and good old clothes hangers are all great options for hanging things up to dry in hotels. Guy ropes, car door frames and cleverly rigged up tent-to-car lines are good camp options. Check out how much drying space you have before you start washing.
  5. Use shower power – smaller items can get a good wash on the shower floor while you soap up. Just rinse in the sink afterwards.
  6. Squeeze, don’t wring – after washing and rinsing your clothes, squeeze out the water, rather than wringing. It will help your clothes keep their shape better.
  7. Towel dry – we find the best way to get the most water out and avoid dripping is to roll them in a towel. Simply lay the item on a flat towel. Then roll it up from one end and squeeze the whole thing tightly.
  8. Hang ’em up – leave space between the clothes so they dry faster. If you’re indoors and you can leave a window open, even better.
  9. Not quite dry? You could leave it hanging for another day, finish it off with an iron if you have one or just wear it anyway and let your body heat dry it.
  10. Freshen yourself with Ecover – our Mizu body washes and lotions are made from plant based ingredients, making them kinder to you, your family and nature. The perfect holiday companions!