Bizarre, Unusual and Cool Things to do in London

Who wants to have a Normal Weekend?

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to try something new. At Oink, we enjoy searching for and trying new activities that are extraordinary to do. Besides, who wants to go back to work on Monday after spending the weekend on the couch?


Bizarre: House of Dreams

It’s a hidden gem located on an ordinary street, but within Wright’s walls, contain years of collecting, arranging and decorating one of the most bizarre yet captivating exhibits in the capital.


“Located in East Dulwich, artist Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams isn’t exactly ordinary, in fact, it’s far from it.”


Every inch of the house is covered and shrouded with objects that detail Stephen’s dreamy and beautiful dream home.  


Thrilling: Airsoft


For a completely unique experience, you should definitely consider airsoft. Airsoft is entirely differently from other sports due to the nature of combat and the rules that are required when playing.


Throughout the skirmish, you will be put in intense situations where you will need to adapt to the constant changes and use tactics that are going to ensure your team for success. There are various airsoft sites across London, including Airborne Airsoft; postcode E1 2EG.


You can maximise your gaming experience by wearing army-themed clothing, as well as investing in grenades and night vision goggles when playing at night-time. Look at gear.


Unusual: Clairvoyant Reading


Our future remains a great mystery. Some would rather continue their life not knowing what lies in store for them. However, some can’t help but discover what the universe has planned.


“Clairvoyance is the chance to look inside the spiritual world. A clairvoyant explores and analyses your life choices and how that affects your path.”


It’s certainly an unusual experience however it remains important to go into a session with an open mind. There are various clairvoyance websites around to choose from. Who knows what may be in store for you.


Cool: Chel-Ski

Skiing is a popular sport that many say they want to do however it’s something we never get around to doing. Ski holidays are expensive as are lessons, so who wants to spend a fortune to do something you’ll be a beginner at?


“Chel-Ski is a dry slope that offers snowboarding and skiing training on its artificial slope. It’s great for beginners as well as for experienced skiers in learning and perfecting new techniques.”


There’s also an Alpine bar on site, offering a wide range of cocktails, beers and wine. Chel-Ski is located in the heart of London and can make for a cool, fun weekend.