Best Ways to Promote Your Brand Image


In 2019, brands are always looking for cool and innovative ways to improve their brand image amongst the general public and their customers.

Brand image is something that is incredibly important as it can help promote the type of business you want to be promoted for your customers. Oink looks at three cool ways to promote your brand image and make a lasting impact.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

More companies are becoming more aware of the importance of offering environmentally-friendly products. As a new generation gets older, the environment is becoming an important aspect of all our lives.

Branded environmentally-friendly products are a great way to promote an image you want for potential customers. Popular ideas such as environmentally-friendly shopping bags are a fantastic form of free advertising to new customers.

Branded Coffee Mugs and Travel Mugs

When it comes to choosing a product to promote your brand image on, you want to choose something that can be involved in someone’s daily life and can be seen by others.

A popular choice amongst businesses includes travel mugs as commuters travel in hundreds of thousands every day across public transport networks and in the office.

Computer Branded Mouse Mats

Sometimes, the best form of advertising is exposing someone to your brand image and letting it develop inside their own head without even realising.

A branded company mouse mat is something that not only is extremely helpful, but it’s also a free advertisement that’s always on show to its user.